What is Windownaut?
Windownaut helps you resize and move windows accross your screen(s) efficiently.

Hey, does this thing use any hacks, or other non-standard methods?
Windownaut is not a hack and does not use or rely on any system hacks, nor does it modify your system's core functionality. It relies on standard Apple programming interfaces. Rest knowing that it has been programmed with stability, future-proofing and performance as a requirement.

Why would I need Windownaut?
If you end up having to manually reposition your windows to suit your liking, it does get tedious after a while. Windownaut helps you make window resizing and moving a snap!

Does it work with all Mac OS X applications?
MenuEverywhere works very well with most programs. Issues may arise in applications that do not rely on standard windows.

How do you install/uninstall Windownaut?
Simply drag it to your Applications folder to install. To uninstall, drag it from the Applications folder to the trash.