21 March 2012
Screen top menubar on primary display if secondary is disconnected.

15 November 2011
Minor cosmetic enhancements.

12 November 2011
Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

15 October 2011
Minor bug fixes.

9 October 2011
Windows being pushed down to bottom of screen with certain non-adjacent monitor arrangements.
Workarounds for more apps that do not strictly adhere to Accessibility API guidelines.

2 September 2011
Lion (10.7): Dashboard no longer slides out when window menu bar is active.
Lion (10.7): Screen top menubar is now hidden on secondary/non-primary monitors when app is fullscreened.

20 August 2011
Adjustable menu item size from 5 to 34 points.
Finder ghost menu for fade on mouse over.

19 August 2011
Awesome toolbar icons courtesy of JJ Ying from IconMoon.
Persistent ghost menu bar when fade on mouse over is used and active window is minimized or hidden.

16 August 2011
Fading horizontal window menu bar when nearing actual menu bar is now optional (off by default).
Broken permissions courtesy of SL's ACL bug fixed.

14 August 2011
Screen top menu bar.
Window top menu bar was not dismissed when reaching top edge of primary screen.

4 August 2011
Window top menu bars and pop up menu not displaying if screen top is enabled in a single display setup.

2 August 2011
Failure to launch under certain conditions in Lion fixed.
Failure to update menus and menu window positions in Lion under certain conditions fixed.

1 August 2011
Stray menu bar on Finder desktop.
Screen top menu bar window resize and repositioning.
Preferences enhanced slightly.

29 July 2011
Lion 10.7 initial startup issue.
Window menu buttons/bars ignore full screen windows on Lion.
Minor improvements to preferences (changes effected instantly).

16 July 2011
Under certain configs, lower CPU utilization.

2 May 2011
 New default look 'Elegant' for window-top menu bar.
 Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

11 May 2011
 'Elegant' look slightly modified so that it is more responsive.

2 May 2011
 New default look 'Elegant' for window-top menu bar.
 Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

7 April 2011:
 Unresponsive menu items for some apps such as Bookends.
 Minor bug fixes.

19 March 2011
 Out-dated menu items for History and Bookmarks in web browser apps.
 Services menu now works as expected, showing only applicable services.
 Message submenu in View menu in Mail app.

5 March 2011:
 Half hot zone option for screen-top menu bar autohide (thanks, Richard!).
 Crashes with some apps that do not comply with Apple's Accessibility guidelines. This is now fixed.
 Update relaunch.

26 February 2011
 Add apps to ignore using Preferences dialog (+ button).
 Window-top and Screen-top menu bar display speed and behavior has been drastically improved, with smooth menuing of apps as if using the actual menu bar itself.
 Light CPU footprint. Virtually 0% CPU usage at idle and no more excessive CPU usage when using window-top and screen-top menu bars.

30 January 2011
 Window-top menu bar appearing in Finder's File menu.
 Improved menu populating reliabiluty with larg/slow applications on launch, including FireFox.

19 January 2011
 Screen top menu bar incorrectly shown on primary screen at start up.
 Screen top menu bar showing on primary screen when secondary monitor is disconnected.

16 January 2011
 Minor cosmetic changes to preferences.

14 January 2011
 Some monitor arrangements could cause screen-top menu bar to partially or fully extend to primary screen.

11 January 2011
 Critical bug that prevented window-top bar from displaying on primary screen since version 1.7.5.

11 January 2011
 Configure a mouse button to pop up menu at mouse location.
 Completely revamped, toolbar-based preferences.
 Shortcut setting.
 Preferences window activates on display.
 Preferences window shows on current space.
 Phantom screen top menu bar on primary screen.
 Some more minor usage improvements.

6 January 2011
 Incorrect sudden resizing and positioning of windows on secondary screens with screen-top meny bar enabled.
 Dragging using window-top menubar could cause window to get stuck in lower part of screen.
 No more flicker problem when screen-top menu bar clashes with window-top menubar underneath, since window-top menu bar will be automatically hidden when it is close to the screen-top menu bar.

4 January 2011
 Improved window-top bar dragging performance.

1 January 2011
 Focused window can now be dragged using MenuEverywhere's window-top menu bar.

30 December 2010
 Minor changes to preferences window.

27 December 2010
 Duplicate menu items in Finder menus.

24 December 2010
 Minor cosmetic changes to screen top menu bar (spacing).

20 December 2010
 Speed improvements, especially for Finder.
 Fixed issue with screen top menu bar becoming unresponsive after using single button menu.

19 December 2010
 Screen top menu bar now works on all spaces and all monitor configurations.
 Speed and processing optimizations.

18 December 2010
 Screen top menu bar now looks like the regular menu bar.
 Speed improvements.
 Minor memory allocation bug fixed.

7 December 2010
 When using an always visible screen top menubar, the focused window will be automatically pushed below the menubar and will be resized (if it exceeds screen's height).

4 December 2010
 Minor bug fix in Preferences panel.

30 November 2010
 New application icon.
 New menubar status item icon.
 Minor cosmetic improvements.

17 November 2010
 Menubar and popup menu are now fully populated on initial start.
 Drawing bug which caused error logs. This is now fixed.

13 November 2010
 Preferences optimizations.
 Erratic startup behavior in some instances of screen-top menubar has now been fixed.

8 November 2010
 In some instances, screen-top menubar appeared on primary screen. This is now fixed.

6 November 2010
 Screen top menubar has gradient similar to window-attached menubar.
 In some instances, screen-top menubar used to hide when mousing over primary screen even with auto-hide off.

5 November 2010
 Screen top menubar auto slide out active area is now smaller to prevent unwanted unhide.

2 November 2010:
 Minor cosmetic fixes.

1 November 2010
 Screen top menubar on all non-primary screens. May be hidden automatically.

20 October 2010 (2)
 Sparkle update engine was not relaunching MenuEverywhere after update since version This is now fixed.

20 October 2010 (1)
 Single Menu button now shows menu on mouse-down; does not wait for mouse-up.
 Single Menu button properly aligned against traffic light buttons (used to be off by 1 pixel).

17 October 2010
 Minor cosmetic changes.

13 October 2010
 Single menu button was cut off by a hairline when Super Large button size was selected.

12 October 2010
 Speedier horizontal menu bar.

10 October 2010
 Fixed incorrect resize in some instances when horizontal menubar was used and application’s window was moved offscreen from primary monitor.

9 October 2010
 Showing application’s menu in MenuEverywhere is now optional; can be unchecked from Menu Options settings. Useful if user only wants to have access to Apple menu.

7 October 2010
 CTRL + (Left) Click on horizontal menubar now shows Ignore menu.

6 October 2010
 Two additional font sizes for button titles (Extra Large and Super Large).
 Two additional font sizes for menu items (Extra Large and Super Large).

4 October 2010
 Speed improvements.
 Resizing for maximized windows on screens offset against primary screen is fixed.

28 September 2010
 Auto update check time interval order.
 Hotkey field was not disabled in preferences when hotkey option was unchecked.

24 September 2010
 Preferences can be shown again by double-clicking on MenuEverywhere app icon whilst it is running.
 Option to unregister license.
 Startup on Login option did not migrate correctly from previous versions’ preference settings.

21 September 2010
 Automatic update check option.
 Horizontal menu bar sometimes did not get populated when launching apps from dock.

17 September 2010
 Menu label field editing.
 Eliminated possible crash if only hot key option is active.
 Window resize on primary screen.

14 September 2010
 Gradient background for horizontal menu bar.
 App window automatically resized and positioned to accommodate horizontal menubar above window. Plays nice with window management utilities that maximize windows, etc. This is only in effect when the fade out option is not selected.
 Two font sizes for menu items: Small and Regular.
 Raised white shadow added to fonts, similar to actual menu bar.
 App menu title is bold.
 Cleaned up preferences layout. Respective preference options disabled for unchecked access methods.
 Smart ignore is now standard and not an option.
 Button style options revamped: four standard options to select from, as well as two font sizes for button labels: Small and Regular.
 Smoother dynamic resizing of horizontal menu bar.
 Persistence of menubar when fade option is selected.
 Clicking issue when using borderless buttons.

4 September 2010
 Horizontal menu bar.
 Apple menu shows as  symbol.

27 August 2010
 Menu button used to persist after window is closed until another was selected.
 Menu button used to appear above drop-down menus and other screen items.

25 August 2010
 Custom app/window ignore preferences.
 Hotkey used to pass through to app, which could cause annoying error beeps.
 Smart ignore feature now ignores more non-essential windows automatically.
 Better recognition when window is on primary screen.

19 August 2010
 Menu button appears faster.
 Cosmetic change to preferences.

13 August 2010
 Hotkey or button can be turned off.
 Option to not show button on primary screen.
 Button style preferences.
 Smarter ignore of non-essential windows, such as QuickLook and Path Finder rename.
 When using hotkey, menu separator for MenuEverywhere menu was added to menu more than once unless application was switched.

10 August 2010
 Option to always keep button visible.
 Fixed to work with maximized windows. Menu button goes to right of zoom button.
 Option to always have Menu button to the right of zoom button.

5 August 2010
Initial Public Release.