Window mover, resizer and more!
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Version 1.3.1. Size: 10.0MB. Works on 10.10 and above.
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  • Easy to use window control buttons customization
  • Window layout shortcuts
  • Move and resize windows from anywhere on window
  • Eight-edge window snap layouts
Want a real zoom button? How about a visual layout menu? You got it.
Comprehensive shortcut settings including "Cycle layouts" and "Move to next screen".
Simply place the cursor anywhere on a window, hit the shortcut and resize or move as you desire!
Easily and quickly snap windows into one of eight edges!


  • Eight-edge window snap layouts
  • Shortcuts for window layouts including rapid "Cycle layouts" option and "Move to next screen"
  • Move and resize a window while mouse is located anywhere on it, all without activation
  • Lightweight, fast and robust
  • Configurable layout gap margins
  • NEW! Layout windows using menu bar icon menu
  • Easy to use window control buttons customization: Show a visual window layout menu. Quit, not merely close, an app. Force quit an app. Open Finder showing document associated with a document window.


"This is a sweet and simple app... that works smoothly, effortlessly..."
-Jeff Mincey
"Next to TotalFinder the most useful addition to Mac OS X in the last years, bringing a great feature of other OSes to the Mac Desktop." User Review
"Rock solid compared to other window apps."
-Don Hines
"Works great with Lion 10.7, unlike other similar apps."
-Kyle Richards